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                                                                                        No 107         NEWSLETTER                     December 2014


Linda Green writes: Bonfire Night (8 November)  was an absolutely fantastic evening. The weather was good to us and we had a really good turn out.   The fire was the best and biggest ever.  De La Salle once again proved how good it is in catering for all age groups.  It was lovely to see so many young families among the dozens who came upto enjoy the fire, fireworks and food.

A massive thank you to everyone who made the evening such a success, and in particular to. Sam

Wainwright, Paul Simmerson, Mark Simmerson and Steve Dixon for organising the  Fire, Fireworks and Safety Measures; to Sheelagh Green, Linda Green, and Pam Balcomb for the hot chocolate and hot dogs;, to  Beth and Cassie Robson for the Sparklers;  to Mark Simmerson and Laurence Green for their Herculean efforts on the Bar; and to Jane Clawson and Ann Hughes for their unsolicited donations of Bonfire Toffee and Cake.




Ron Chapman once told me that when he landed on an Italian beach with the Allied forces in World War II, all he wanted to do was find a hole to hide in, away from the bombs and bullets.  I remembered the story when Cotton Grass sang this haunting song on 30 October.  John Tams sings it on Youtube.  It’s worth learning.



Show me the way, help me to say

All that I need to

All that I needed you gave me All that I wanted you made me

When I stumbled, you saved me.

Throw me a line, help me to findSomething to cling to When the loneliness haunts me.

When the bitterness taunts me

When the emptiness eats me


Membership (Linda Green)

Good news for everyone. Membership fees are not going up this year!  The rates for 2015 will be:

Single:  £32    Joint:  £50   Country:   £15     Joint Country:   £20   Student: £15Junior:  £10.

Remember you can pay by Cheque, cash or by BACS.  .

. If you want any more details contact Linda Green on 0114 2211743 or email .Housekeeping Matters-  the Bar Tables.

You may have noticed the newly refurbished tables in the bar, ( half have been done, the rest will be completed in early December ).  This has been achieved through the generosity of members who have sponsored the refurbishment. So a big Thank You to you all, and please, please, keep the tables looking pristine by using the mats provided. And if anyone has a suggestion for improving your Clubhouse, have a word with one of the Housekeeping Team, (Sheila Allen, Pam Balcomb & Pat Roddis).     We haven't got magic wands, but will consider your ideas.(We might even enlist your help !)  Pat Roddis


                                      THE HOLE IN THE WALL  Chris Grant                       



GOLF  Laurence Green

Golf at the Club continues to develop very well. We now have 7 established holes and – depending on your level of ingenuity – multiple ways of playing these by mixing tees and greens. As ever, huge thanks go to Phil Green for having the vision to plan the course and then turn it into a very palpablereality (sometimes a bit too palpable when you hit the rough!). In addition, the 9 hole putting green has been heavily used and provides great practice for those wanting to sharpen their short game or simple fun for people wanting to enjoy the beauty of Beauchief when the sun is shining. And talking of the putting green I must mention the exploits of Mary Paul, who has now twice managed a hole-in-one on the treacherous ninth (the putting equivalent of breaking the 9 second barrier in the 100m sprint).

In terms of competitions the prizes have been well shared between the likes of Sam “Bandit” Wainwright, Martin Green, Chris Morton, and Paul Simmerson, while the Open was once again won by Mark Simmerson by a comfortable margin. To balance this, Chris Morton won the hidden handicap competition, which nobody quite understands but meant that scoring an 8 on one hole was actually quite a good thing. Finally, Salvatore Papa Papa won the slightly random nearest-the-hole competition, though he was helped by the fact that the green he had to aim for was 25 yards away while Prosper Paul had to aim for one 250 yards away. 

All in all, things are getting better all the time and people continue to join month by month, so please get in touch if you’d like to know more and how you can access all this for just £45 a year.



The song , Lay Me Low,  printed above, was sung in Cotton Grass Theatre’swonderful local insight into the impact of the First World War in The Unreturning Army,one of the  monthly Friday night collaborations of the Club and Sosoomi Productions.  This venturehas had another great year. We started with some classy jazz from Sally Webster before encountering the extraordinary songstress Flossie Malavialle – native French now living out of Darlington and with an accent and style somewhere between Edith Piaf and Vic Reeves. Scuppered made a welcome return as did Southbound and Ian Price brought a great new band to share the bill with The Bungalow Band. But the real departure this year was more of a focus on drama. Cottongrass Theatre are now establishing themselves on the local circuit and gave us a stunning show about the search for the northwest passage as well as The Unreturning Army already mentioned. However, perhaps the highlight of the year was a stunning double act by The Babbling Vagabonds, who condensed some of the best Grimms’ Fairy Tales into a performance that captivated equally the very young and the more mature in the audience. 

2014 has been good.  2015 promises more of the same, so keep your eyes peeled for what’s on next and try to get along when you can. Laurence Green

                                                     COFFEE MORNINGS

The monthly coffee mornings continue to flourish, generating friendship, nonstop chat and a goodly sum for

Club funds.  This month Liam Jenkinson dropped in – and became the first member to pay his 2015 sub – plus a generous donation!  Of course, .it’s the company that Sheelagh and I enjoy, but it has also been

satisfying to be able to buy mugs for the coffee, have the Art Club’s pictures framed and mounted, buy furniture for the patio and give £100 towards the refurbishing of the bar tablesCome and join us.  It won’t cost more than £2 – unless you’re a sucker for home-made scones!


The Club at its best!  Informal and friendly, hosted by an unpretentiousand infectiously enthusiastic guide to fascinating places that you will certainly want to see for yourself if you haven’t already.  And what an eye

he has for a good photograph!  Next time, Switzerland.  26 Novemner.  2.30 pm’


The Bowls Music Hall on 18 October presented the cream of the Wednesday Free and Easy nights, plus,pies and peas and some jolly hats.  All the stars shone bright but Alan Haigh’s exceptional virtuosity at the piano, Hugh Finnigan’s irresistible performance as compere, and David Hawley’s subtle and fascinating creations on the electric keyboard were outstanding. 

The November 2nd Wednesday Music and Readings provided first class entertainment.  In their debut performance at the club, special guests, Clare and Brian Campbell took everyone on a musical tour of Europe with singing, violin and accordion helping.  The rest of the regular volunteer performers, as usual, also performed brilliantly.

This regular evening at the club, along with many other events, relies on volunteer bar staff.  If you could spare one evening a month to help at this event please contact Alan Haigh (0114 2303070 or

If you could help out any other evening please contact me.

All volunteers will be shown the ropes.

 Where Have All Our Archers Gone?

It is about 20 years since Abbeydale Archers joined De La Salle.  They made an immediate impact on Club life.  They volunteered for bar service, served on Management, and wrote enthusiastically for this Newsletter

- and their Chairman, David Warrington,  played the Dame in our first panto.  On Friday nights in summer,  after archery, they poured into the club and exchanged goodnatured banter with the half dozen weird old

blokes in the Amen Corner.  Now, Archers, Fellow-members, Friends, you come, you shoot, you go! How can we persuade you to take advantage of your membership?  Please write and tell us. 

Charles Robinson

In September I received the sad news of Charles Robinson’s death.  Charles was a pupil at De La Salle in the late 1950’s and later a loyal member of the De La Salle Association for many years.  Early this year he surprised us by making a rare appearance at Beauchief for one of our coffee mornings.  But we have had the pleasure of seeing his name – and that of Sandra, his wife – every Christmas without fail on a card conveying good wishes to all of his old friends and acquaintances of those far-off days.  We send our warm appreciation of those messageswith our deepest condolences to Sandra and the family.




Wednesday 26th November Switzerland.

A talk with photographs by intrepid traveller David Hague. Worth a listen to if you are free at 2pm.

Friday 28th November at 8.30pm.


For only £4 you can be entertained by 

Johnny and the Prison Didn't Help Boys.

This band grew out of the back room of the legendary Sheffield music pub - Fagan's on Broad

Lane. Playing guitars. fiddles, mandolins and other instruments, this band is well worth listening to. (you can check them out on Youtube). I would be grateful if you could let me know if you are thinking of going. Members £4, non-members £5.

Linda Green on 0114 2211743 or email

Sunday 30th November.  12 noon - 2pm


Hot pork sandwiches, mincepies and irish coffee all on sale.

We have Tombola, book, cd/dvd, fancy goods, cakes and many more stalls.

Father Christmas will also be there to meet and greet everyone.

What else do we need?  We need donations of items for any of the above stalls. Please leave in the bin in the porch.

A lot of members will be making a huge effort to make this a successful event.

Please come along, bring your families and enjoy the festivities. This is a lovely pre-Christmas event.  Don’t miss it.



Saturday  December 13th

Once again Elvis and friends will be up at the club to entertain you on.this very popular evening arranged by the Bungalow always a sell out so we are asking you to contact :Linda Green to reserve tickets (pay on the door £4).

…..(So is Idaho Jones!  Rehearsals have started for the Beauchief Players’s next production.  Keep the last two weekends in March 2015 free!)