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"This Way!                     NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2015                            Nearly there!”

A Happy Christmas, Everybody, and Thanks for the Christmas Cards!

What a wonderful Michaelmas term we are having!  We have come a long way from the days when we seemed to offer  nothing but sport and the bar in the way of entertainment.  A quick summary of activity since early September may surprise you:

Four Free and Easy Nights.  Mainly Club members entertaining one another, getting to know one another and generating invaluable warmth within the Club community.

Three Quiz Nights, presided over by ever-amiable Paul Lally .

Three U3A Science and Technology Lectures.   U3A members are welcome to these fascinating talks, which raise  several hundred pounds p.a. for Club funds.  Thanks, Sean Crehan, one of the quiet workers, for your hard work in organising this event..

The Alex Hutton Night.  Visit of the Celebrated Jazz Pianist.

FourCoffee Mornings.  Thanks to Sheelagh and Dorothy for these very pleasant gatherings, which incidentally have paid for patio furniture, table-top re-surfacing, and picture framing, and, currently are funding the welcome handrail up the footway to the Clubhouse,

A Macmillan Coffee Morning hosted by Sarah Wright.  Pleasant support for a good cause

Two Travel Talks by the inimitable  David Hague. Sheer delight.

Ten or twelve Weekly meetings of the Art Club members, who not only enjoy producing lovely pictures for the Club walls, but offer them for sale to members, to augment their monthly contributions to club funds.

A Radio Play: The Mystery of Hartstopp Hall   Great fun for the audience and cast and a money-raiser.

The Bonfire Night - Huge fun,  and a very profitable event for the Club.

The Old Time Music Hall   Great social event, good food.  Well-earned income for Bowls.

The  AdventFair   Lovely occasion. Astonishingly good for Club funds.

Seventeen Open Bungalow Band SessionsBar Open. Admission Free. Very informal.

The Elvis NightThe King and friends back in the building thanks to Nick Hopkins, Adie Brook and the Bungalow Band

It all adds up to about 50 Club events and that’s not including private parties, rehearsals and practices, meetings, football and bowls matches, and golf competitions!  How many did you get to?

Halloween at Hartstopp Hall

A radio play for Halloween, a first for De La Salle, a brilliant script by Laurence Green and an outstanding success.  A terrific cast seized the opportunities offered by “no learning by heart” for uninhibited and extravagant characterisation.  And they can all sing!  The audience was soon transported to the spooky world of Hartstopp Hall and the creepy goings on therein..  It would be wrong to single out individual performers. It was a large team and they were all brilliant, some of them already well known to you, others clearly destined to be vital stars of our future.  Note their names! In no particular order, our admiring thanks to cast and helpers:Judith, John and Will Green, Lauren and Tom Barney, Sarah Wright, John Coyle, Tony Flatley, Adie Brook, Nick Hopkins, Hazel Quarterman, Sam Wainwright, Cassie Robson, Linda Green, the Bungalow Band (Martin Green, Steve Jones, Dave Evans, David Quarterman,)  and above all, the creating genius, Laurence Green.

Bonfire Night

The weather wasn’t particularly kind – windy and wet - but so what? said thehundreds (literally!) who turned upto enjoy the occasion.  The fire was as big as a bungalow and lit up all of Beauchief.  The fireworks were breathtaking.  We sold out of hotdogs and cups of hot chocolate.  The Bar was bursting with mums and dads and childrenThe atmosphere was euphoric.  Many, many thanks to Linda Green, Cassie Robson, Sheelagh Green, Pam Balcomb. Bryony and James Hartley, Mark and Paul Simmerson, Sam Wainwright, Shaun McClory, and Sarah Wright for a terrific evening.  It isn’t often we have to plan to keep the crowds smaller next year!

Advent Fair

The Advent Fair was another great social event, crowded with club members and helpers, again with no help from the weather.  Linda Green writes:

Our 16th annual Advent Fair took place on 29 November.   Once again it was a huge success, bringing in over £600 for the club funds.  We owe a big thank you to the following people for all the time and energy they put into making the fair such a success:-

Sam Wainwright for all his lifting, shifting and decorating. Cassie Robson for her assistance with the pork sandwiches and also helping with all the setting up and taking down. Hazel and David Quarterman for all their shifting and sorting as well as running the book stall.  Mary and Prosper Paul for running an excellent Tombola. Pat Gormanly for decorating the tree so well and running the cake stall. Judith and Vin Green for bringing along Father Christmas and running the raffle. Pat RoddisMary Hespe and Julie Edworthy for sorting and selling so many fancy goods.  Dorothy Usher and Sheelagh Green for collecting, displaying so well and selling some wonderful bits of jewellery. Terry Green for helping people find their way around a treasure map. Steve Jones and Hugh Finnigan, who between them ensured we had wonderful Christmas music played the entire time. John Coyle and Sarah Wright for serving behind the bar. Karen Robson for baking and decorating a beautiful Christmas Cake for the raffle.  Last but not least Los Green for everything he did - particularly supporting me when I was in my organizing mode -  as well as running the CD / DVD stall. Without all these wonderful people the fair would not have taken place. Without all the members who made donations and the members who came along (in somewhat awful weather) and spent their hard earned cash the day would not have been such a success.

Our thanks to all.

Quiz Nights-Paul Lally

We are coming up to the 6th anniversary of our quiz nights, which take place at 8.30pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. They are supported by a small but loyal group of members and their friends in a warm, cosy atmosphere with plenty of time for socialising as well as the (not too) serious business of trying to figure out Paul’s “themed answers”—for example, all 10 answers in one part of the quiz might contain the name of something found in the typical house (eg, from last month’s quiz: “Which city in south-west England was named by the Romans as Aquae Sulis in about AD60?”). We always manage to have plenty of laughs along the way, and all for 50p per person entrance fee. The money goes to purchasing items that the club needs, the latest example being a new CD player for use on the monthly “2nd Wednesday” Music Nights.

We would love to see more club members supporting this event---you don’t need to be an Egghead, although if you watch “Pointless” you might occasionally have a head start! Come and give it a try!

Second Wednesdays – Alan Haigh

The last three months have been good news for the Second Wednesday audiences and the Club generally.  Audiences have been large and entertainment has been of a very high quality - all free of charge.  We try to have a guest group or soloists  to round off our evenings.  The first half is given over to regular volunteers and I am delighted to report that that has caused me a very pleasant problem!  We have so many volunteers now that we have to limit the input of volunteers to allow others to take their turn.  But don't get the wrong idea.  New volunteers are always welcome and we are especially short of male vocalists (and also female pianists).  We regularly enjoy performances by all or most of six excellent female singers and five admirable keyboard performers.  Our only regular (and very welcome) male soloist is Paul Lally.

Our main guests in October were the Sheffield U3A A Cappella group and they were excellent and very well received.  They will be back next year and are not to be missed.  The November evening was fortunate to have the return visit of the Cellarmen whose debut with us was highly acclaimed last March.  We were delighted and privileged to have them with us again.  The Cellarmen group was formed in Sheffield last year by David Longson and consists of David, Les and Neil.  David and Les sing in the same choir and Neil was in the same group as David in the late 1960s performing very successfully in the Manchester area.  The group rehearses in Les's cellar!  I am pleased to say that they also will be back next April.

Our December evening was mainly seasonal/Christmas music with a little innovation.  All our visitors were treated to mulled wine and Christmas cake as a small thank-you gesture for their support over the past nine years.  The music and readings were excellent and the audience all enjoyed a good start to the festive season.   Our next concert will be on January 13 2016 and the main guests will be the Club's own Bungalow Band.  A return visit from members of the Sheffield Hallmark of Harmony group is also planned for early next year.  They are a group not to be missed, having competed very well in the world barbershop singing competition in the USA last June.  A professional folk singer is also likely to be performing early next year so the evenings of our tenth year are already looking very promising.  Come along and see for yourself how enjoyable they are.

Bowls - Alan Haigh

It may be December but the bowling green is still in use although it is obviously not as busy as in the summer months.  A hardy group has played on several Thursday mornings recently and although I have not managed to get up to the Club on Tuesday mornings I gather there has also been some activity then.  So long as the green is fit to use and you would like to play then there is nothing to stop members playing or bringing guests.  And at this point I would like to pay special thanks to our groundsman, Philip Green, who did a major service on the green in October and leftit in splendid condition.

I would also like to thank our section membership for all they have done during the year: many joined in the three competitions we have (men's singles, women's singles and doubles) and a good number joined the open competition in early September.  Results are on the Club's website.  Support for our external fixtures has also been greatly appreciated.  I am particularly appreciative of the support provided by the Bowls Committee.  Pat Sleath is our secretary and organises all our fixtures amongst many other valuable tasks.  Chris Grant is our treasurer and again is kept very busy with a wide range of duties.  Other members of the committee are Sean Crehan, Monica Grant, Roberta and Bernard Kelly and Graham Southgate.  All these and many non-committee member provide valuable support such as helping with recruitment, fundraising and the many unseen and important duties, not least of which are our two large social events of the year, the Old Time Music Hall and the St Patrick's Night Concert.  John Perrett's recruitment work is invaluable and John Sowerby's ‘odd job' tasks are appreciated immensely.

The section's AGM will take place on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7pm.  It will include the annual presentation of cups and will be followed by the monthly music night at the Club.  Even if you are not a member of the section, you are invited to come to the meeting as an observer and, of course, stay on for the evening's entertainment which is largely provided by members of our section

CricketSam Waiwright

In 2016 the cricket section will have two teams competing in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire league on Saturdays, one in the Mid Week Alliance on Wednesday's and a friendly team playing on Sunday afternoons. We have players of all abilities and are always on the look out for new members. If you're interested or know someone who would like to play in the beautiful surroundings of Beauchief Hall contact club captain Sam Wainwright on 07862 728612 or

Golf – Los Green

The 2015 season ended as it started - with a monthly medal competition (we actually managed to play at least one compet!ition every month this year!)

Despite falling temperatures and falling rain - and despite the organiser desperately trying to call the whole thing off - the December medal attracted nine hard-bitten, fool-hardy, players who managed to navigate a damp course pretty well. The scores were tight, but Salvatore Papa (known as the Bandit) emerged victorious again by two clear strokes. The other players believe he has divine intervention, having once met the Pope (where the Pope quietly told him, there’s only one Papa!)

The event brought another good year to a close and it was one which has seen the golf fraternity continue to grow (another 10 members this year) and the course continue to flourish. As ever, Phil Green’s efforts have created something special and the arrival of a bunker in the next twelve months will add both additional colour and competitive challenge


A further highlight of the year was seen at the Beauchief Open, where Vicky Bullen became the first female winner - and posted a score which
Prosper Paul, David Partridge and Salvatore Papa get ready for tee-off
beat some of the men straight out. Vicky is just one of half a dozen female members who enjoy the challenge that the course throws at them. Like most players, there is a common feeling that the course gives a good game in a time that suits and throughout the seasons is as pretty as any place you could play golf.

The course is also a perfect place either to learn the game or to teach it - and it’s great to see parents and grand-parents taking their younger ones round.  Membership is just £50 for the year or £80 for a couple.

Contact Losgreen@hotmail for more info or look on the website:

Membership – Tom Wainwright

Membership subscriptions for 2016 will not be changing from last year













·         Country membership is open to applicants living above 15 miles from the Club.

·         Student membership is for people aged 19 and over in full time education.

·         Junior membership is available to young people 18 and under who regularly participate in club activities.


The Annual Lottery is £5 per person per draw and there are 4 draws a year. Prizes depend on how many people enter the draw but for the last couple of years we have paid out £50, £30, £20 and £10 per quarterly draw.


We also welcome donations for those who can afford it. We have been very grateful in recent years for the generosity of members. Our margins are tight and these extra donations help to keep us the right side of the balance sheet and ensure the continued viability of the Club.


·         Cheques should be made out to ‘DLSA Club Ltd’ and posted to the Club or to

Linda Green, 265 Meadowhead Sheffield S8 7UN (tel. 0114 3487565)

·         Bank details for BACS transfers are:  

Bank:   HSBC     Code:   40-41-18           Acc. Number:   01649345

Please contact for more info or to sort out online

Brother Ignatius (Gerard Martin)

Brother Ignatius died a year ago at the Brothers’ house in St Helens.  We are indebted to Brother Michael for an appreciation of Ignatus’s life,  He was born in Thrybergh in 1935, and was on Old Boy of De La Salle Sheffield.  After his retirement as a teaching brother he valued his membersip of the Association and gave generously to it.  He always spoke with affection of the old school.  We shall miss a vital link to the Order.

Brother Anthony Rothwell (Spike)

Spike was a regular presence at the Club in its Beauchief Hall days.  (He actually lived there for a while).  A member of the club Rugby XV, he was an unrecognisable religious with his crew-cut and hairy sweater, always cheerful and in love with sport, as befitted a native Liverpudlian and lifelong Everton supporter, OldBoys will remember Anthony from his stint of teaching at the old school.  They will be interested to know that the team he coached at St Aloysius, London, included Joe Cole, later of England fame.

Father Edmund Willoughby

We record with sadness the death of Father Willoughby, SJ. Older members will remember him as a brilliant scholar of the 1942 De La Salle entry.  He was a quiet boy but no softy, as unruly youngsters quickly discovered when they challenged his authority as a prefect.  He is remembered with affection.

The next production of the De La Salle Players will be
Friendship’s Final Curtain

            4th, 5th, 11th,12th MARCH 2016

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