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De La Salle - A weekly update on news and events

Hi there

The big news this week is that your car springs will live to fight another day as Beauchief Drive has finally been resurfaced. No longer do you have to swerve up and down the road trying to avoid the potholes – shame really as it was good fun trying to see how many holes ‘got’ you. Well ok not that much fun!

Last night Jay Daniels held her second Poetry Evening. It was enjoyed by people of all ages – from 4 weeks to 80+. Not only was the reading of the poems exceptionally good but the readers took the time to talk about why they liked their poem.

The redecorated disabled toilet was also officially opened with Jay cutting a ribbon of toilet paper with some proper outsized scissors made at Morton’s scissor factory many moons ago.

Thanks Jay for both events - she did the cleaning and painting of the toilet as well as organizing last night’s entertainment.

Our next big event is the Autumn Fair next month. It will be held on Sunday 27th October from 12.30pm until 3pm. There is now a blue box in the porch for any donations of fancy goods, books, DVD’s and bottles (all shapes and sizes please). It is never too early to give us some goods so please keep filling the box.

Still to come in September is the monthly Coffee Morning. The club will be open for you to call up for a hot drink and some cake from 10.30am until 12 noon next Monday (16th). Dorothy and Sheila will there to welcome anyone and everyone. Why not bring a friend up?

On Wednesday evening next week (18th) Paul Lally will be testing your knowledge in his monthly quiz. If you want to test your little grey cells then this is the evening for you. 8.30pm is the start time.

David Hague will be giving his first talk of the autumn on Monday evening 23rd September at 7.30pm. This is a change from the time he used to speak which was on a Wednesday afternoon. All of you who can please go up and listen to David as, with the aid of some great slides, he whisks you away to New Zealand’s north island. David really is a fascinating speaker!

Thursday 26th September is the date we will be holding our 3rd quarterly draw of the DLS lottery. Prizes of £50, £30, £20 and £10 will be up for grabs but remember you can’t win it if you are not in it? Want to join and not already paid? Contact me to arrange.

The heaters have now been put on timers – please do not fiddle with them unless you know what you are doing. Please ask the key holders if you need them to over-ride a programme. Also please do not switch them off at the plug

                                                                                                        OUR DIARY THIS WEEK

Fri 13th Sept:           Archery from 5pm

                                    Keen opening up between 8 – 10pm

Sat 14th Sept:         Archery in the morning

                                    Cricket in the afternoon followed by a BBQ

                                    Bowls from 2pm

Sun 15th Sept:         Archery tournament until 4pm (golfers   please note)

              Bowls in the afternoon    

Mon 16th Sept:       Coffee morning 10.30am – 12 noon

Archery from 5pm

                                   Bowls from 6pm

Tues 17th Sept:     Tuesday morning archery

               Bowls 10.30am


Wed 18th Sept:       Paul’s quiz night 8.30pm

Thurs 19th Sept:     Bowls from 10.00am

                                   The bar will be open from about 9ish –  11pm

the Bungalow Band will be playing from 9.15pm - you are welcome to go up and listen                                  

Fri 20th Sept:           Archery from 5pm

                                   Steve Keen once more behind the bar again from 8 – 10pm

Week beginning Friday 20th at the club

Fri 20th Sept:           Archery from 5pm

                                   Steve Keen will open up between 8 – 10pm

 Sat 21st Sept:          Archery in the morning

                                    Bowls from 2pm

                                    Private event from 6pm until 11pm

Sun 22nd Sept:         Archery in the morning

 Mon 23rd Sept:        Archery from 5pm

                                    Bowls from 6pm

                                    David Hague talk 7.30pm in the club 

Tues 24th Sept:        Tuesday morning archery

               Bowls 10.30am


Wed 25 th Sept:       Bar closed


Thurs 26th Sept:     Bowls from 10.00am

                                   Shaun McClory opening the bar around 9pm   

The Bungalow Band playing from 9.15pm – everyone is welcome to come up and listen to them whilst having a drink or two

Club lottery draw 9.30pm                                 

Fri 27th Sept:           Archery from 5pm

                                   Steve Keen opening the bar from 8 – 10pm