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CHAIR Peter Mason; VICE-CHAIR: John Perrett; SECRETARY: Alan Haigh; TREASURER: Linda and Laurence Green

No. 100         NEWSLETTER        June 2013



The De La Salle Association reviewed 2012 and prepared for 2013 at its Annual General Meeting on 17 April.    Despite his recent bereavement, Peter Mason was persuaded to continue as Chairman, for which we are most grateful.  His firm leadership has been invaluable over recent years.  After years of outstanding service to the Club Sadie O’Grady stood down from Management.  She is replaced by Barbara O’Callaghan, a very welcome volunteer.  We welcome too the other newcomer, Chris Grant. The full Committee is therefore:  Chairman Peter Mason; Vice-chairman John Perrett; Secretary Alan Haigh; Treasurer Linda and Laurence Green; Committee Members Chris Grant, Martin Green, Barbara O’Callaghan and Sam Wainwright. It is a small group but with each member committed to a distinct role we can be assured that the Club is in good hands.


Joan was the wife of our Chairman, Peter Mason.  They were inseparable attenders at De La Salle functions for many years, and indeed at many other events which Peter’s sporting interests and in particular cricket took him to.  They brought with them a warmth and friendliness which sprang from a totally happy marriage of many years.  Joan was a charming woman in her own right, with a lively mind and a friendly manner.  Peter will miss her greatly and we extend to him our deepest sympathies.


On Saturday, 6 April, a Memorial Mass for Hugh Molloy, was celebrated at St Marie’s Cathedral, attended by a large congregation, including his wife Bic, who had brought Hugh’s ashes from Australia back to his birthplace in Sheffield.  It was a warm gathering of his family and friends, with a strong St Patrick’s contingent, friends of Hugh from childhood.  Joan Maynard, youthful as ever, renewed her membership of De La Salle on the spot.  We thank Bic for keeping us in touch with Hugh through her warm letters in his later years.


Always a good night, never better than this year.  Great meat pies, great apple pies.  Pretty girls in pretty costumes, dancing beautifully, music with an Irish flavour, immaculately presented by Hugh Finnigan,  Clare and Brian Campbell, and master of the tin-whistle, Fr Kilgannon.  Our thanks to master-mind Sadie O’Grady and the Bowls Section.


Scuppered   They described themselves as “the best folk band in Coal Aston” when they kicked off a season of new music at the Club, with plans for a different band appearing most months between now and the end of 2013. If things go well, we hope to keep the initiative going and Scuppered provided a great start, with a strong and smooth mix of good-time folk, fun and the odd standard. A very good crowd certainly seemed to enjoy themselves and if the standard remains this high the best advice is to make sure you get along to the next shows. Details are as follows:

Arose Between Friday 24th May   Acoustic music with a twist. This fabulous, innovative four-piece present an evening of inspirational versions of mainly contemporary pop and ballads. You don't need to know the songs to enjoy the music, but everyone from Keane to Queen to Nina Simone and Adele. Guitars, violin and the exquisite voice of Ginny and her harmonising band members provide an enchanting evening.

Albert's Skiffle Band Thursday June 20th   The best of songs from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's, all set to brighten your day. The show features banjo, guitar, fiddle, tap dancing, mouth organs, tea-chest bass and an ironing board! Songs include Bill Bailey (no, not that one), Leaning on a Lamppost, Don't Bring Lulu, Honey Pie, Worried Man Blues and other skiffle favourites. The talented line-up of Albert, Don, Pete and Ian offer you the most splendid musical and vocal entertainment!

Top She La Las Thursday July 25    Unique and unmissable, Helen, Kate and Rose combine their heavenly voices to delightful effect. Material from folk, gospel, pop and the musicals heard as never before, a capella or with accompaniment from guitar, cello, ukulele, violin - with gusto and good humour. Any fan of harmony singing will love this trio.


‘Hello Sheelagh,  Many thanks for a very enjoyable evening out.- As usual we thoroughly enjoyed the play and the music was great too. Hope to see you next year.  Best wishes,  Nicky Turner and drama group.’

Nicky’s letter from St Wilfrid’s Drop-in Centre sums up the general reaction to the latest De La Salle dramatic production.  The St Wilfrid’s visitors always get us off to a great start but this year the audiences on all four nights raised the roof with laughter and applause.- and stayed behind to carry on laughing and chatting and keeping the bar staff busy. Individual scenes stick in the mind: the opening burst of ‘Ooh-arrs’ from Alan Southeran, James Manning, and David Hague in the bar of the Royal Oak; the entry of Holmes (Tony Flatley) and Watson (Adie Brook)  disguised as Hans Von Skidmark and his manservant Otto; the drunken revelation of unsuspected depths in Mrs Hudson (Roberta Kelly) and Mrs Niblick (Pat Sleath); and the painfully familiar interplay of anxious mother (Moira Wilson) and wayward daughter (Catherine Tooley).   Three characters surprised:  glamorous trans-Atlantic femme fatale (Judith Green) packing a pistol aimed at Holmes, bucolic ingénu  (Will Green) with aspirations to McGonagle status, and Nick Hopkins, downright Yorkshireman, transformed by drugs into – who else? – Elvis!  The songs were great, the Bungalow Band brilliant, the sound effects (Sam Wainwright) a comic character in themselves.  John Perrett spoke for us all in his eloquent words of thanks at the last curtain on the last night.  Linda Green, who worked tirelessly selling tickets, reported a profit of £1000, plus excellent takings on the bar over the four nights.

What a show! The best yet?    Many said so - (but I liked Dick Whittington.)


The Golf Section continues to grow, with around 25 members now signed up. As Spring finally appears the grounds are looking more beautiful than ever and despite lying fallow for the best (worst) part of thirty years the course is already beginning to feel like a course thanks to Phil Green’s skill and hard work. The course may be short, but it certainly presents a challenge – as competitors in the first few Open and Medal competitions have found. Congratulations to Mark Simmerson, Sam Wainwright and Martin Green as the first winners – and a very big welcome to everyone who has joined so far.

If you’d like to join, the fee is £45 a year. Just drop me an email at, or ring (0114) 2211743


I have just taken over from Bernard Kelly as co-ordinator of the Club's Bowling Section.  Bernard has held this position for many years and has done an excellent job.  I, and all other members of the section would like to thank him for all his hard work.

The Club's bowling green is one of our nicest and best known features, dominating our letterhead, and alwaysimpressing visitors.  Great pleasure is derived from playing a game in such a glorious setting.  Unlike other greens, ours is open throughout the year and can be used any day if conditions permit.  Indeed I fondly recall my first game of 2012 when a small group of Thursday morning regulars actually enjoyed bright March sunshine and a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius!  Our groundsman, Philip Green, keeps the grass in excellent condition.

The Section's membership is below 40 and we would like to share this delightful facility with many more Club members.  We are amateurs and although we try to be sensible we are not sticklers for formality in our playing.  We simply enjoy ourselves.  Apart from Thursdays, when the green is well used in the daytime, there is also a regular flow of bowlers who come up on Monday evenings.  It would be nice to have other times when we know there will be fellow bowlers around and currently we are hoping for a Sunday afternoon gathering to become established.  But much of the week sees this delightful green unused and we would like you to help us remedy that. We have friendly matches in the spring and summer but currently can only find three teams to play against us, namely Hathersage, Hallam and Sheffield U3A.  If you know of any other teams who might like to play against us, please let me or Pat Sleath know.  We have annual internal competitions for men, women and mixed doubles.  For the last few years the section has had four June days in Bridlington with morning bowls, afternoon free time and evening meals in a variety of nice venues.

So what does it cost to join the section?  As a Club member the additional fee is £35 per year.  If you feel that you would like a one-off arrangement, we charge £3 per session but if you turn up regularly we would expect you to pay the annual fee.  I am currently the chairman, George Hespe is vice-chairman, Pat Sleath is secretary and Chris Grant the treasurer.  Please contact any of us or indeed any bowler for more information.

Alan Haigh (telephone 0114 2303070 or email


How time flies!  Since Sheelagh Green produced our first nervous panto, Jack and the Beanstalk, in the year 2000, thirteen annual productions have followed, each more confident than the last, now claiming the title of ‘Musical Plays’ and commanding loyal and enthusiastic audiences.  Fortunately Betty Parkin and Sam Wainwright, have kept photographic records of all of the plays, and Sheelagh has been busy filling albums with the best of the pictures to put in the clubhouse for general admiration.  We hope to set up a system to enable members to order copies of ones they particularly like.

                              NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES

In the same vein I have been trying to put together copies of all the newsletters I have edited over the past twenty-six years.  Amazingly I have been able to resurrect nearly a hundred of them but the task, I am afraid, is far from over.  Ultimately the collected volumes should be available in the clubhouse for members to research Club history from 1987 to 2013.  When was the Bowling Green opened?


Reading those old letters, you come across some interesting items.  For example, we struggle to find volunteers to staff the Bar these days and I have often thought it was ever thus.  But was it?  Our current bar-helpers are Sam Wainwright, Sean Crehan, Alan Haigh, Chris Grant, John Perrett, Los Green, Linda Green, Martin Green, Mark Simmerson, Mark Turner, Tom Wainwright, Vicki Bullen,  James and Bryony Hartley, to all of whom we say a heart-felt thank you.  But in 1990, we wrote:

For their services on the Bar during 1990 the Club thanks the following:

Bob Akid, Adrian and Sheila Allen, Martin Anderson, John Artindale, John Boot, Joyce Broughton, Mick Capps, Pauline Chance, Keith Coddington, Sean Crehan, Miles Davidson, Jack and Cath Davies, Nev Dearden, John Dixon. Peter Drake, Paul Eastburn, Marie Falsone, Hugh Finnigan, Jim and Linda Finnigan, John Flaherty, Pat Flaherty, Jim Fojut, Elaine Garratt, Alan George, John Gormanly, Matthew Green, Laurence Green, Martin Green, Philip Green, Alan Haigh, James Hartley, Michael Healey, George Hespe, Peter Higgins, Martin Higgins Jr, Martin Higgins Sr, Nick Hopkins, Pat Hopkins, Peter James, Jim Johnson, Mick Jubb, Bernard and Roberta Kelly, Devlin Kelly, Paul Lally, John Martin, Shaun McClory, Peter Methley, Pat Mitchell, Bernard Moroney, Pat and Sue Morton, Linda Mouland, Frank Murphy, Doreen Naylor, Ralph Nelson, Ted and Betty Parkin, Andrew Rapinet, John Riley, Neil Sheehan, Anne Simmerson, Mark Simmerson, Paul Simmerson, Terry Sleath, Alan Southeran, Tom Wainwright, Ray Ward, George Windsor.

The ranks indeed are thinned.  Can you help to swell them again?


A Club observer has noted four types of member: the one full of ideas who does nothing about them; the one willing enough to follow but devoid of any suggestions; the one who suggests nothing and does nothing; and the one with ideas, the will to put them into practice, and the character to persuade people to help.  Thank heaven for the last type.  Thank heaven for Linda Green.  As well as collecting, recording and banking subscriptions, publicising and selling tickets for Club events, recruiting and organizing Bar Staff, negotiating and organizing Club bookings, editing and updating the Club calendar, sharing the role of Club Treasurer with husband Los, and peppering members with weekly emails about coming events – as well as all this and more, Linda has ideas and brings them into being…... 

Such as the Plant Sale.

We had never hadone before, as far as I recollect but on 12 May the Barn magically filled up with plants, members turned up in some numbers, Linda and Shirley Morrisroe sold plants, Pat Roddis and Sheila Allen provided tea, coffee and cakes in the clubhouse, and the combined profit was over £300!  The event should have been enhanced by the Golf Monthly Medal and a Cricket Match but a typical English summer’s day – cold, wet and windy – put paid to the cricket, and the hardy but rain-damaged golfers were in need of stiffer refreshment than tea, scones and plants.  Nevertheless they turned up and added to a splendid Club occasion.


Abbeydale Archers, following a long tradition of elegant archery, appointed Maria Mahon as Chairperson at their recent AGM And, in an unusually subservient move, husband Terry volunteered to be club secretary. The full committee is now:- Maria Mahon – Chairperson;    Terry Mahon – Secretary;    Terry Wiggett – Treasurer; Jonathan Partridge - Junior Archers Coordinator;    Laura Brown - New Membership Coordinator;    Stewart Anderson - Tournament Officer;   Claudio Portaluri - Ordinary Member.

There are two co-opted members: Peter Jennings and John Bolton, responsible for records and club bows respectively.

The four retiring committee members, Alan Gibbon, Gary Calverley, Chris Dyal and Dave Evans were warmly thanked for their work over the last two years. They took over the running of Abbeydale Archers at a difficult time and have put it back on track for a successful future. Membership now stands at 96, which is a tribute to the considerable effort put into coaching beginners by Claudio and his team of volunteers.


The recent free and easy evenings, the second Wednesday of every month, have been very successful.  The Bungalow Band (consisting of seven Club members) join us three or four times a year and always attract a good crowd but in recent months two of their talented members have performed as soloists on other occasions.  The Band performed marvellously in a great April evening and Steve Jones did a talented boogie-woogie solo act in March.  Nick Hopkins has also performed solo and proves ever popular. 

Other very welcome additions to the ever-growing list of soloists are Maureen and Hugh Finnigan, both very well known for their city-wide musical involvement.  Recent 'discoveries' include Nick Bryant and Patricia Gabriel.  Patricia is a very talented folk singer and I am pleased to say now has a regular monthly slot.  Nick is a very capable 13-year-old pianist and is always welcome.  Our other regulars very kindly take a smaller role when new acts appear and I must thank them for their valuable contributions and flexibility.  I am referring to Stephanie Dixon, Monica Grant, Mary Harrison and Roberta Kelly.  I would also like to thank Mary's accompanist Roy Longden for his valued contributions. 

Major contributors in the last few years have been Peter Bryant and Paul Lally who have become a very capable and talented duo.  Peter is now taking a back seat as he takes his A-levels and prepares for university and Paul is re-emerging as an excellent folk-singing soloist.  Peter and Paul (as well as Peter's brother Nick) have also performed for us as members of the barber-shop group called Hallmark of Harmony and that group achieved the excellent acclamation of runners-up in the national barber-shop annual competition, with almost 40 groups competing, held in early May in Bournemouth.

Although our evenings are described as musical, we have regular inputs from volunteer readers.  A recent regular is Chris Grant who leaves his bar duties in the capable hands of Sean Crehan and entertains us with witty excerpts of his choice.  We also enjoy the skilfully presented contributions made by Pat Sleath and by Pat Gormanly.  We also all look forward to more readings by Paul Harrison.   If you have any talents (singing, reading, playing etc) that you are prepared to share with us, please let me know.  If you need accompanying, then I would be pleased to oblige but if you sing with backing tracks then we have the facilities for that also.  I look forward to hearing from you and invite you to come along on June 12 for our next evening.  If you would like to be on my email reminder list and receive an advance copy of our programmes please contact me: Alan Haigh (telephone 0114 2303070 or email


You will remember that last year, in view of the straitened times we live in, instead of raising subs we suggested that members should pay whatever they felt the Club was worth to them, adding Lottery shares and extra donations to subscriptions.  The sad news is that our membership total for 2012 fell to 422, the lowest for many years.  The good news is that those 422 members paid £4009 over and above the subs they were asked for.  The final figures were:

Members: 422Subs: £7847Lottery: £1580Extra Donations: £2509Total: £11936.

 Perhaps the whole concept of membership needs re-thinking.  In 1970, when the Club was founded, the school was still thriving.  Only scholarship boys were admitted.  Admission was a privilege- and so was membership of the Club!  Unless you could prove a direct connection with De La Salle, you couldn’t join!  After the closure of the school it becameobvious that our membership must become open to any friend of a member.  Later, automatic right to membership was extended to all former pupils of diocesan schools.  Nothing much changed.  An air of exclusivity still hung over the name of De La Salle – and still is detected in some quarters – which made outsiders feel exactly that and afraid of being unwelcome.  Yet old members remained loyal – because of long-standing friendships, and because, however teachers are derided and schools mocked, we are still grateful to them for opening up for us the world’s wonders of science, art and literature.  But it’s nearly fifty yearssince the last pupil entered the old school.  Time for a change?  Think about it.

Note from Linda: If members have online banking and  want to pay their subs directly into the club account then they can contact me either by phone (0114 2211 743)  or by email ( and I will let them have the bank details.


Footnote.  Many older members will remember Peter Pathe, originally of St Patrick’s parish.  Peter died recently.  His brother Eugene, a club member, now lives in Florida, USA.  Peter played cricket for the Old Boys in the 1950’s.  Peter’s brothers, Frs Eugene and Anthony concelebrated the Requiem Mass at Hassop on 23 May.  Club members John Gallagher, Eileen Harrigan, Joan Maynard, Hugh and Sadie O’Grady, Imelda and David Moorhouse, Pat Flaherty and your editor were present.


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