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              NEWSLETTER NO 105 JUNE 2014

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No. 105                                                                                     NEWSLETTER                              June 20014


              A TIME TO BOAST

 We have plenty to boast about.  Thirty years ago we were a shrinking number, struggling to keep going in two small rooms of someone else’s house, with no grounds for golf, cricket, football or rugby,  facing certain ejection in nine years when our lease expired.  And look at us now.  Our clubhouse is sturdy and paid for, beautifully developed and furnished throughout, from its bar to the sports changing-rooms and even boasting a superbly modernised seventeenth century annexe.  Our grounds include facilities for archery, bowls, cricket, football, golf and petanque, all meticulously tended and all, like the clubhouse itself, the freehold property of De La Salle!

But the human element is even more a matter for pride.  Who, in our early days at the beginning of the 1970’s, could have believed the dreamers – Hugh Morton, are you listening? – who saw a future of full length musical and dramatic productions, regular evenings of home-grown music and readings, quizzes, concerts, socials, parties – private and general – scientific lectures, an art group meeting weekly and decorating the Club walls with magnificent pictures, and, recently, visits from professional musicians and actors of the highest class?  Yet all of these airy visions have come true – unlike the gloomy predictions (including my own in 1970!) that it would all be over in a year or two.

Now is the time to let the world know about this wonderful refuge at the top of the beautiful hill.  Which is why we welcome and applaud John Perrett’s bold decision to organize a Club Open Day on Sunday 22 June.  Before the event the Beauchief area will be inundated with leaflets describing the Club and inviting visitors.  If we are blessed with good weather on the day, newcomers are bound to be impressed by what they see.  They may recognize friends amongst our members.  They may ask how they can join!  At the very least people will have heard about us, many for the first time, and been made aware of what they have been missing. 


Peter Mason presided and was returned as Chairman for another year – a unanimous and wise decision.  Alan Haigh stood down as Secretary, an office he has heldfor some years with great distinction. He was warmly thanked by the meeting.  Barbara O’Callaghan replaces him.  John Perrett continues as Vice-Chairman until July and Linda Green (assisted by Laurence) continues as Treasurer.  Sam Wainwright, Chris Grant and Martin Green complete the committee.  John Perrett’s proposal to hold a Club Open Day on 22 June was warmly approved.

Our membership policy changed two years ago when we invited members to top up their subs with Lottery shares or donations according to what they could afford and how much they valued the Club.  Of course, not everyone can afford more than the basic sub but many of you have seen the light,  I hope without feeling bullied or pestered. .For example, fourteen members each gave us £100 or more this year, their contributions totalling £1703.  Fantastic.!  They could afford it, I hope, and I’m sure they thought it was worth it. I am emboldened again to suggest that a small legacy might be a suitable thank-you to the Club for good times’ sake.  For some of us they have been many


We are grateful to Tom Chester for continuing to organize a series of visits by professional performers.  The last three have been outstanding.

 Flossy Malavialle, sweet singer of songs in French and English, including Edith Piaf favourites, was utterly captivating, talking or singing.  A French woman, resident now in the North East (of England) and bilingual in French and Geordie, she chatted to the audience about language and people as winningly as she sang.   (I got her autograph!)

Keith Kendrick , wonderful folk-singer and ex-RSC actor David Frederickson told a thrilling story of Arctic exploration in song and drama,  – every word chillingly audible

The Grassmarket Theatre, presentingGrimm’s fairy tales, enjoyed the loudest acclamation of all, eslpecially from a wildly excited bunch of children whose parents had had the good sense to bring them along.

Tom’s advertizing brings people up to Beauchief who have never heard of us before.  And you can bet they will remember ‘that delightful little theatre up the beautiful hill,’


The Plant Sale was a huge success.  It raised over £300 for Club funds and was a well-attended and enjoyable social occasion.  Linda Green deserves congratulations for preparing, planning and publicising the event.  Her helpers on the occasion – Shirley Morrisroe, Elaine Herring                             
and her friend George Smith, whodrove up from Nottingham to help, Pat Roddis and Sheila Allen, who served the delicious refreshments, and Emily Brook, who served on the bar,  and all who contributed deserve our gratitude for an afternoon of Beauchief at its best

Shirley and Linda are pictured above, with plant.

The Bungalow Band’s recent celebration of British and American folk music was varied and enjoyable.  Guests Monica Grant, Paul Lally, Chris Morton and Adie Brook supported the Band, Los Green kept order, and a sizable audience joined in whenever they got the chance,  A good Club evening.


Sadly John has slipped away from us – in typically quiet style.  He was one of that dynamic generation of post-war ex-servicemen who did so much to bring our association into life in the early seventies.  In his day a great athlete, cricketer and footballer, he played table tennis for the club up to recent years.  His loyalty to De La Sallewas unswerving. His son spoke at his funeral mass in a deeply moving tribute to a great family man who lived a full lfe. We are privileged to have been a part of it.  Like his family we too will miss John greatly. I hope he enjoys our choice of photograph.  He was always young at heart, and so we shall think of him..

KEVIN WALSHThe passing of Kevin Walsh cannot go unrecorded.  He was the Club’s first secretary, a tower of strength and immensely efficient.  He left us on a matter of principle, for which he was always respected.

BOWLING NEWS     Alan Haigh
The Club's splendid bowling green now has a fantastic new entrance directly from the car park and suitable for wheelchairs.   This will be officially opened on Wednesday evening, June 11, at 7.30pm by Bernard Kelly, recently retired Chairman of the Bowls Section.  A plaque to commemorate the event and thank the main initiators of the green (John Capps and Hugh Morton) will be unveiled.  Following the event a free concert of the music from Rodgers and Hammerstein/Rodgers and Hart shows will take place in the Club to which everyone is invited.  Half price membership (only £20) of the bowling section is available now to Club members.  Further information from Alan Haigh.

David Hague’s monthly slide shows continue to amaze and delight.  Amazing tome, that is, because I have never been addicted to travel and often found travelogues something of a bore.  Delightful because David is so unassuming a guide, never stuffy or pretentious, always infectiously observant, refreshingly pacy and amusing with his quirky and brilliantly composed pictures.  I have been twice across North America with him, deep into Burma and Cuba, round parts of Sicily that Montalbano never showed, and dipped into the incomparable riches of the Emerald Isle.  Join us in Paris and the Dordogne at 2pm on Wednesday, 4 June.
It’s cheaper than Eurostar.


We print below Linda Green's weekly bulletin (slightly edited) dated 30 May.


Review of last week


On Thursday 29 May the Bungalow Band hosted an evening of Traditional Music.  It was good to see so many people turn up to be entertained by our own 'in house' band and their guest singers.  A lovely evening was enjoyed by all (picture posted  on facebook /twitter). Thanks to Los Green for arranging it all.


I must on everyone's behalf congratulate Paul Lally for his part in Hallmark of Harmony winning the UK barbershop championship in Harrogate last weekend. Paul and fellow singers will now be representing their country in the international championships in Pittsburgh next year


On Wednesday next week  David Hague giving his (almost) monthly talk.  This talk will be on Paris and the Dordogne. Refreshments will be served afterwards.  If you would like to come he will be starting at 2pm. As I always say, these illustrated talks are absolutely fascinating. Why not pop up to the club for an hour or so and join us?

We will also do the June lottery draw at this event.


Next Music Event


On Friday 27th June we will present a double bill.  Ian Price / Bungalow Band..

Singer, songwriter Ian will be supplying sensitive and witty observations on life and love; a great raconteur.  Plus DLS's own Bungalow Band offer a riot of popular country, pop and Rock 'n' roll to send you home smiling.

Pay on the door £5


Coming up in June


Wednesday  4th June:     David Hague talk 2pm

Sunday 8th June:             Archery tournament -  no golf until after 4pm please

Wednesday 11th June:    Alan's music and readings evening 8pm

Monday 16th June:          Sheelagh and Terry's coffee morning 10.30am

Thursday 19th June:        Golf monthly medal evening 7.30pm

Sunday 22 June:               Club Open Day

Friday 27th June:             Music Event - Ian Price and the Bungalow Band.


Don't forget there is always Art, bowls, golf, putting, petanque, archery and cricket on offer - just contact me for more details. .

Reminder;    NO GOLF  when archery are shooting.

That is  all for this week. Keep checking out our website.

Have fun and hope to see you soon.