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         NEWSLETTER December 2016. Editors T and M Green


Dolly Morton

 Dolly Morton passed away on 14 November.  She was a founder-member of the Club and the wife of Hugh Morton, the driving force behind the Club’s formation. Her sons, Pat and Chris, were live wires at Beauchief in those early days, and Pat’s wife Sue was Club Secretary during our last ‘siege’ days in the Hall.  Dolly, a life-member, was the power behind the scenes, a true lady of dignity and generosity, liked and respected by all.  We send our deepest sympathy to Pat, Chris, and all of Dolly’s family.

Sadie O’Grady

 Sadie O’Grady died peacefully on 13 November.  Sadie had come into the Club after her marriage to Hugh O’Grady, one of our founder-members.  She rapidly stamped her strong and attractive personality on our association.  In the refurbishment of the Barn and subsequent repairs to flood damage and damp walls the contractors found her a power-house in representing the Club’s interests.  The Bowls Section owes her a real debt for her take-over of St Patrick’s Night on its behalf some years ago, and she was a tireless worker and organiser on countless other occasions.  We miss her. We send to Hugh and the family our deepest sympathies.


The sad deaths of Dolly and Sadie reminded me of their husbands, Hugh Morton and Hugh O’Grady sitting side by side at the executive table in the Grosvenor Hotel when a gathering of Old Boys launched the De La Salle Association. It was 1970.  Five years later the College closed – but De La Salle lived on at Beauchief!  And our busy 2016 autumn has given cheering evidence that De La Salle Sheffield has gone on taking in new members who have become good friends and enthusiastic workers. They represent our future.  As you read the following take note of their names.

Sat 10 Sept Rock Night

It was a great start to the autumn season.   Lively, Loud, Excited, Exciting, - and that was just the audience. The bands were brilliant: Dixon Lane included Club members Dave and Jeff Evans and Bas Gostelow.

The Bungalow Band were assisted by Adie Brook, and John and Will Green.  Congratulations to all

 Sat 22 Oct Radio Play

The line-up for the play included Tony Flatley, David Hague, Cassie Robson, Catherine Davison, Tom and Lauren Barney, Judith Green, John Green, Will Green, Alan Southeran, Adie Brook Jay Daniels, Hazel Quarterman, Steve Jones, Nick Hopkins and most importantly the audience ­ for in the absence of more orthodox sound-effects, the audience were invited to provide all the background noises, mainly the hisses, groans, roars and bangs of the high-speed train on which the action took place.  The result was hilarious.   The script was brilliant (thanks, Los) and the cast were wonderful (thanks, all).  A great show.

Sat 29 Oct Halloween Night

No Bonfire this year.  Instead a Halloween Night – and what a night!  Denis Staniforth and I (Sheelagh was running the Eyeballs Stall) sat entranced in the midst of children, mums, dads, grannies, grandpas, pumpkins, fancy dresses, games, skittles, hot-dogs, pints, lemonades and cokes.  Plenty of new faces, plenty of young faces, plenty of fun.  Thanks to all who made this one of the best nights ever at Beauchief and in particular to Sue Whitlock for all the games that kept the youngsters busy.

  12 Nov Music Hall

For ten years Alan Haigh has master-minded the Second Wednesday Come-all-ye’s, the dream come true of those of us who always envisaged Club members sharing their talents, singing and reciting to the delight of fellow-members.  The Music Hall is the high point of the year, richly enhanced this year by the winning personality and wonderful voice of guest Matt Walker.

Sat 18 Nov Italian Night

The great nights simply kept rolling along.  Song is fine, comedy great – but FOOD!  Nothing compares with Food.  Especially good food.  And even more especially good Italian food!  Linda’s quiz was ingenious and a tourist’s delight.  Los’s One Minute Please was amusing and at times even hilarious. And the selection of Anglo-Italian melodies went down fine.   But the Food!  Oh, Salvatore Papa, bene, bene, bravissimo! (as Pongo Waring used, very occasionally, to write on our Latin homeworks.)  You gave us an evening of unique pleasure – which we hope to repeat in the not too distant futureThanks also to Chris and Jackie Shillitto, David and Sheila Partridge, Martin Green and Hazel and David Quarterman and of course, Laurence and Linda for all your help. Mille grazie.  

Wed 23 Nov Scuppered

We have heard Scuppered before and enjoyed them.  They were just as good this time.  They are a most likable band. Their songs are varied, always surprising, beautifully arranged and performed with great musicianship.  Coal Aston should be proud!  An additional delight was the singing of Anne Fotheringham, whom we shall hope to hear more of in the future.

Sun 27 November Advent Fair

If I could I would mention all those who came and helped to make it a magnificent success, socially and financially.  We raised over six hundred pounds for Club funds.  Sarah & Millie Wright ran the Bar – and how Millie raced around!  Pat Roddis, Sheila Allen, and Pam Balcomb, ran Fancy Goods.  Linda Green made and sold hot dogs and pork sandwiches (much appreciated by Ian Newsom.) Pat Gormanly sold cakes, many made by Karen Robson, who also made the splendid Christmas cake for the raffle.  Vin Green was a jovial Father Christmas.  Judith ran the raffle.  I ran the Name the Teddy (Tex won!)  Hazel Quarterman sold books.  Dorothy Usher and Sheelagh Green sold jewellery.  Mary and Prosper Paul ran the bottle stall.  Laurence Green sold CD’s and videos.  Sam Wainwright and Martin Green fetched and carried.  Steve Jones and Hugh Finnigan played carols on the piano.  To all and any I have missed, a huge Thank You.

Thursday 17 Dec Elvis Night

            Nobody noticed him come in but Nick Hopkins called out from the store-room: ‘He’s in here.’  The Bungalow Band played a few notes of welcome and sure enough Elvis came out, to huge applause. –His white sequined shirt looked cleaner than last year and his hair had certainly been tidied up.  And even his singing seemed better than ever.  Adie Brook provided splendid support and Elvis himself displayed astonishing erudition when Martin Green posed tricky questions.  The evening ended with the packed house wildly demanding a frenzy of encores.  Viva, viva Elvis!


Archery have given Club life a shot in the arm which I hope others will copy.  Since September Steve Keen and his wife Tracey, have opened and run the Bar for two hours on Friday evenings.  On Friday 9 December the Archers enjoyed a social evening at the Club and pressed four of us from the Amen Corner to attend – which we very gratefully did!  Thank you, Archers, and Steve in particular for bringing Friday nights back to life.


Bowls   Alan Haigh

All our internal competitions are now complete with the final game being played in mid-October.  The
results for the 2016 finals were:

Women’s singles – Pat Sleath beat Anita Collier                Men’s singles – Alan Haigh beat Adrian Lamb

Doubles - John Perrett and Graham Southgate beat Pat Roddis and Adrian Lamb

Open competition - Pat Sleath beat Adrian Lamb

The Old Time Music Hall held on November 12 was very successful and raised valuable money for the section and we thank all who supported it.  The main turn at the recent event was the admired and talented local singer, Matt Walker, a former pupil of All Saints School who proved very popular.

Our 2017 Bowls holiday will take place in Llandudno from Monday June 5 for four nights.  We have secured an excellent deal at the highly regarded sea-front Winchmore Hotel of £45 per person per night dinner, bed and breakfast.  There may be a few spare places at this amazing price and bowlers would be delighted if other Club members joined them as holiday makers (or even as bowlers if they joined our section).  If you would like to contact me I will be pleased to provide more information.

Any Club members who would like to know more about Bowls or come along and have a go will be made more than welcome.  Several players will continue to play throughout the winter when conditions allow.  Just get in touch and I will do the rest – arrange informal tuition, provide the equipment and guarantee a warm welcome.  Phone me (2303070) or email me (


Congratulations to Prosper Paul on scoring a hole-in-one in a recent competitionCongratulations too on the subsequent bar-take!


As the year comes to the end it’s one that’s seen golf numbers growing by a quarter, largely thanks to the influx of women members and linked to the presence of our “resident professional”, Jason. Through wind, rain and a volley of randomly hit balls Jason has been coaching newcomers and old-timers alike, remaining tirelessly patient and repeating the mantras of the great Ben Hogan. As a consequence, the course is busier and more popular than ever - but still with plenty with space if you want to join.

For those who like a more competitive edge to proceedings the medals have produced over a dozen winners, so it’s a testament to the skill of the handicap committee (!!) and the even nature of the skills on display.

So, now it’s about looking forward to 2017. With rates remaining the same (£50 for single, £80 for a couple) there’s never been a better time to pick up the game again, start afresh, or keep your hand in on one of the prettiest playing areas in the city - so thanks, as ever, to Phil Green for his craft

Second Wednesdays Alan Haigh

Over the past 10 years, free monthly concerts have taken place at our Club on the second Wednesday of every month. For the big celebration for our 10th anniversary on 11 January 2017, we are inviting all of our performers from the past decade to choose their favourite music or reading to contribute to the evening and know there will be no time left for a visiting guest to perform.  Put this date in your diary and come and enjoy what will be a superb evening.

Our September evening had the Sheffield U3A A Cappella group as the major guests and they were excellent.  They will be back next year.  In October we thoroughly enjoyed the return visit of Phillip Steele, guitarist and vocalist, a very capable professional entertainer who again proved extremely popular. Again, Philip was excellently supported by his granddaughter.   In November we welcomed back the Cellarmen:  they now accept the need to change their name as the original male trio have now been joined by a talented female vocalist.  They were really outstanding and will be returning next spring.  The December guests are The Mackers, newcomers to the stage in our Club but not new to our bowling green.  They are two couples who play bowls for Ecclesfield and found out our monthly entertainment when visiting for a fixture last month.  They also play folk and pop music with guitar, mandolin and vocal inputs.  We look forward very much to their visit and hope they also will become regular guests.

So you can see there is a lot going on.  Why don’t you join us as a member of the audience or as a performer? We need more male vocalists.  The concerts all start at 8pm on the second Wednesday of every month and there is no charge for entry.  Come along and have a good time.  If you send me ( your email address, I will put you on my mailing list and you will receive a reminder one week in advance of each concert and a programme a few days before the event.  Alan Haigh


I retired from running the House Committee in 2012, as Sadie, God bless her, took it over.  About the same time Linda Green took over the management of Club Hire with Mark Turner, God bless them both; and I had the time to think about an empty space in clubhouse life: daytime activity.  And so we launched the monthly Coffee Morning, every third Monday.

When Terry and I were both ill at the beginning of last year Pat Roddis and Sheila Allen generously stepped in so that the show could go on.  When they had to move, on Dorothy Usher came to our rescue.  She has been with us ever since.  I make the cakes and the scones and Dorothy does everything else.  We’d be lost without her.

It has proved as popular as we knew it would.  Friends meet for a chat, come again, and make new friends. We see regularly  Peter Mason, Mary Smith, Denis Staniforth (who never misses), Gerry  & Ella Sandler, Ralph & Noni Nelson, Joan Drake, Val & Graham Barnes, Joan Maynard, David & Anne Hawley, Martin Green, Tricia & Sean Crehan, Sal Papa & David Partridge & the two Marys sometimes, and also some of their other family members enjoying refreshments on the patio. Many others pop in from time to time. No-one seems in a hurry to go home!

Our prices are modest and our views breath-taking. £1.00 for tea or coffee, £1.00 scone or cake.  Profit has never been our motive but over the years we have funded the following:

Professional mounting and framing of pictures hung in the Club

White patio furniture.

A substantial contribution towards the refurbishment of the clubhouse small tables.

Four folding tables

The hand rail up to the clubhouse door.

10.30 to 12.00, 3rd Monday. Bring a friend. Non-members welcome. Add a game of putting or boules!

Old Friends

Sadly we report the recent deaths of two old friends.  Cliff Mann was an Old Boy (1936 entry) and with his wife Rita a founder-member and enthusiastic supporter of the Club.  Marie Murphy died in Arizona, US. She had maintained her membership of De La Salle for many years, sending us the beautiful calendars for our notice-board.  She had many loving friends in the UK.  Brian Wildsmith died in France this year aged 86.  He enjoyed international fame as author and illustrator of over eighty children’s books.  I remember him as a magnificent fast bowler at De La Salle, Scott Road, where he was a pupil from 1941 to 1945.  Look him up on Google for an account of a distinguished career.

Peter Wright

Peter’s health has deteriorated rapidly since Easter. If anyone would like to send him an email then Janet will print it out for him as he is now unable to use technology.   (




Thursday 21 December CHRISTMAS CAROLS & SONGS NIGHT with Steve Jones and the Bungalow Band

Stephen Keen will NOT be opening the bar on the 23rd December but if anyone would like to go up to the club for a drink on NEW YEAR’S EVE then he will be opening the bar from about 7.30pm until midnight (end of licence time). He will be only too happy to see lots of people up there to see the New Year in.

Look out for details of the ANNUAL PLAY to be produced in March 2017.  It promises to be brilliant!