Welcome to Golf at De La Salle

This pack is intended as a quick guide to playing golf at Beauchief. If there’s anything that you still need to know about, just ring or email.

The Course(s)

Depending on the time, De La Salle operates two courses, the Small Course and the Big Course.

The Small Course, the Big Course and the Putting Green

The small course operates when there is some other activity on the grounds, such as football or cricket. 

The big course operates when golfers have sole use of the grounds. In addition to the holes we have available we also have a 9 hole putting green - which provides either a good warm-up for your game, a quick challenge or fun for a lot of the family. The 9th hole is already legendary.

Mix and Match

When you have the course to yourself you can, of course, play from any tee to any green that suits. Obviously, if others turn up then you’ll need to revert to a regular pattern.

Tee Markers

Tee markers are placed on the grounds to indicate where to tee off from.

Playing Etiquette

The following is a simple list of etiquette / things to remember when playing golf at De La Salle:

·         Please don’t play your ball from the cricket square. If your ball lands on the cricket square, please lift it and replace it off the square.

·         Please respect other activities that may be going on when there is shared use of the grounds (eg football / cricket)

·         If you take a divot, please replace it

·         Always give priority to ground staff (ie if they are working, wait until they have finished before playing)

·         Don’t tee off when players are on the green in front on the shorter holes

·         Try to maintain a good pace of play and / or let others through

·         Please repair any ball or foot marks on the greens

·         Out of bounds is out of bounds. If you’ve landed outside our fences you are out of bounds, so please collect your ball and play from inside the fences / hedges.

·         Don’t play in groups of more than four.

·         Please respect members who are simply walking round the grounds and enjoying the scenery


Equipment (such as flags) should normally be out on the course.

If you find that equipment is missing, can you please report it by email so that we can make sure it’s replaced.


You are allowed to bring guests to play with you. At present, there is no charge for guests, but we would ask you not to abuse this.

We encourage parents to bring children – this is a great place to learn golf. Obviously, though, we expect children to be accompanied by parents / guardians.

Membership Costs

Membership costs are currently as follows for the full year

Full Member £55

Couple £87.50

Membership is annual from January.

Playing Times

Golf shares the ground with cricket, football and archery. Playing times are, therefore, based on when the golf area is available and golf can be played without interfering with or being affected by other sporting activities.

We strongly advise that you don’t play when Archery is in progress.

Generally, Monday and Fridays will be the days when the grass and the greens are cut. However, usual golf rules apply here: it’s fine to play, but just give way to the groundstaff. If you want to check whether there is anything happening on the grounds, you can contact

Phil Green (Grounds) at:              phlpgreen@aol.com

Or Linda Green for bookings at: lindamgreen@hotmail.co.uk

Linda sends a weekly bulletin detailing forthcoming events every Friday.

Small Course
Monday    March-Sept    08.00-17.00    Archery from 17.00
Tuesday    ALL    13.30 - Dusk    Archery to 1.30
Wednesday    ALL    08.00 – Dusk    
Thursday    ALL    08.00 – Dusk    
Friday    March - Sept    08.00 – 17.00    Archery from 17.00
Saturday    ALL    13.00 – Dusk    Archery to 13.00
Sunday    ALL    13.00 – Dusk    Archery to 13.00
Big Course
Monday    March-Sept    08.00 - 17.00    Archery from 17.00
Tuesday    ALL13.30 – dusk    Archery to 13.30
Wednesday    August – April    08.00 – dusk    One cricket game in August
Wednesday    May-July    08.00 – 18.00    Cricket from 18.00
Thursday    August – April    08.00 – dusk    
Thursday    May-July    08.00 – 18.00    Occasional cricket (check updates)
Friday    March-Sept    08.00 - 17.00    Archery
Saturday    ALL    13.00-dusk    Archery to 13.00
Sunday    October-March    13.00-dusk    Archery / Football to 13.00


We run monthly medal competition between March and October and holding The Beauchief Open every September / October. These are a great chance for people to meet up and have a little - fun - competition.  As well as strokeplay and matchplay options we  reintroduce some old favourites, such as the hidden handicap or the yard of string.

Competitions will be free to members, but guests will need to pay a small fee.

Dates of competitions will be posted on the website and emailed directly to members.

Keeping in Touch

We will largely be using the Club website for standard information. However, we’ll also use emails for quicker and more direct contact as and when needed (ie we need to let you know when the course isn’t available).

Problems and Questions

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered or you have problems when playing, just get in touch by mobile or email. Details are below:

Laurence Green (Mobile)                             07982 612657

Email:                                                                    losgreen@hotmail.com