NEWSLETTER   SEPTEMBER 2012   NO. 97


The following is only a small selection from the brochure that Laurence Green has prepared for the re-launching of Golf at Beauchief.  For the full version see the Club website.  How wonderful it would be if we could recreate those days in the seventies when so many club members and their children learned to play golf on our own course, or learnt to play better, or started playing again.  What pleasure it gave to old friends like Jack and Dorothy Garvey, Bill Sheehan, Eric Clarke, Gerry Fitzpatrick, Ambrose Griffith, Steve Tierney, John Hetherington, Vin Kartawick, John Rochford, Ken Brook and John Hackett.  And how good for the Club, with its social spin-offs like the Folk Club, the competitions and the unforgettable parties! 

Oh welcome back, golf!

De La Salle Golf

The Course(s)

Depending on the time, De La Salle operates two courses.

The Small Course  

The small course operates when there is some other activity on the grounds, such as football or cricket.  The small course consists of 4 holes. These are shown on the left.  

The Big Course

The big course operates when golfers have sole use of the grounds. It is planned to extend this course over the next few years. For now, the holes are shown below.

Mix and Match

When you have the course to yourself you can, of course, play from any tee to any green that suits. Obviously, if others turn up you’ll need to revert to a regular pattern.

Playing Times

Golf shares the ground with cricket, football and archery. Playing times are, therefore, based on when the golf area is available and golf can be played without interfering with or being affected by other sporting activities.

We strongly advise that you don’t play when Archery is in progress. Generally, Monday and Fridays will be the days when the grass and the greens are cut. If you want to check whether there is anything happening on the grounds, you can contact : Phil Green (Grounds)

For more details of fees etc see or contact Los Green on0114 2211743 or


The much valued 'free and easy' continues to provide excellent entertainment to appreciative audiences on the second Wednesday of every month.  In August we were delighted that a lovely Belarus teenage girl, Marina, who was visiting Stephanie and John Dixon as part of an annual trip for children from Chernobyl, sang a solo and a duet with Stephanie.  We were also thrilled to have Cyril Redman rejoining the regular performers after a few months' absence.  Cyril's easy listening crooning is always enjoyed.  The July evening welcomed two well known faces to the ranks of regular performers, Maureen and Hugh Finnigan.  We all look forward to many more visits from them.  The highlight of the June evening was the Club's own Bungalow Band.  Two of their members, Nick Hopkins and Steve Jones are also soloists on some evenings when the Band isn't on stage.  Do come along on Wednesday September 12 at 8pm - the Band will be back joining a wide group of regular performers - when a marvellous evening's free entertainment is guaranteed, accompanied by a very warm welcome.


Royalist or Republican you have to admit the royals spark off some jolly  parties – not all in Las Vegas. 


Linda Green organiseda great one for us on the occasion of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.  Good music, good games, good food and, above all, good company made it all great fun – as well illustrated by the accompanying picture of Ralph and Nonie Nelson and Ella Sandler.  Wonderful to see Nonie back with us after a long illness. 


Many thanks to Linda and all who helped to produce an evening that did us all a power of good.



Linda Green


It would be lovely to have the clubhouse and bar open every evening but it just won’t happen without YOUWe have a willing band of volunteers to run the club bar. However, they cannot cover the bar every night every week.  They need help.  It isn’t hard work and with a friend or friends it can be a pleasant night out. If you could do a bar duty, just now and again, please contact me. 

Linda Green:  tel;  0114 2211743or email;


The rose garden has looked lovely this year. Please help us to extend this area outside the front of the clubhouse and make a donation in memory of a deceased member. It does not matter if their name is already on the list of those remembered – some of our old members have several roses planted in their memory. For more information contact Linda Green.


I would like to have a plant sale outside the clubhouse one Saturday next May.  If you are even slightly green fingered please take extra cuttings or sow extra seeds this winter/spring and donate all the extra plants to this fundraiser next year.  More details to come in the next newsletter.  Thanks in anticipation,   Linda.


We learnt only very recently of the death of Jean Cowan after a very short illness.  Jean was a member of the Bowls section and Art Club.  Recently widowed, she found comfort in the friendly company which the Club provided and was in return  an extremely loyal and generous De La Salle member.  She was liked by all who knew her and will be sadly missed.  We send our sympathies to all of her family.

Father Brian Green RIP

My brother Brian, two years my senior, was born in the Red Hill district of St Vincent’s parish.  Later the family moved to a small council house at Shiregreen.  There were no silver spoons around.  He went to St Patrick’s School,  where hisexceptionally ‘massive’ brain, to quote Fr Andy Graydon, was soon noticed.  He passed the eleven-plus when he was nine and moved on to De La Salle College.  He gained his School Certificate at thirteen, with four distinctions and four credits, and went straight to Ushaw College to study for the priesthood.  With Fr Ford and Fr Benson as his guiding lights at St Patrick’s, that had been his aim from his earliest days.




Cousin Ralph Griffiths presenting Brian to Pope Paul John



After ordination he served for eighteen years as a curate in five parishes of the Leeds diocese.  In 1971 he was appointed to establisha Pastoral Theology department at Ushaw, in which he worked for seven years, guiding a stream of young priests into the practical parish work for which the pure theology of previous teaching had left them ill-prepared.  Brian’s next move was perhaps decided by some mischievous prankster in the hierarchy, curious to see how this academic high-flier, full of Vatican Two and priestly ideals, would cope as a parish priest.  Or perhaps again it was the Holy Ghost, for surely his move to Dinnington as parish priest was divinely inspired.  For the nextthirty-five years his life was permeated with love: his own love for the people of Dinnington and their love for him, each growing in warmth and richness as the years passed and the parish grew to be the model community that it is today.  In addition to his parish, he numbered some 1500 more friends in the subscribers to his quarterly PRE magazine, into which he poured the fruits of his vast reading and wide experiencefor some thirty years

Brian’s funeral was full of rejoicing at a great life, peacefully ended.  St Joseph’s had its own mass, graced by Father Len May’s beautiful eulogy.  The funeral mass at St Mary’s, Rotherham, was attended by two bishops, fifty priests and a huge congregation, with an affectionate tribute from my son Laurence,  recalling Brian the family man.  Andy Graydon’s homily was typically unconventional, unsentimental and genuinely affectionate.  I can do no better than quote its conclusion.

‘I remember him once when we were visiting the lovely Kenneth Barnes, a Quaker educationalist. We always took Sammy, our Yorkshire terrier dog. It was winter and Sammy was outside running around on a frozen pond and the inevitable happened, the ice broke and little Sammy fell through the ice. From inside, only Brian had noticed Sammy's predicament and he got up immediately, moved outside, plunged his foot into the pond and swept Sammy into his arms. And from where I stood and saw Brian holding Sammy high in the air, it was as if his hands were big enough to lovingly hold all those in need and his arms were wide enough to welcome everyone.’

Terry Green


The new owner of the hall is Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, Professor of Systems Pharmacology at Manchester University and Director of Scientific Development at Simcyp Ltd, Sheffield. His wife is a doctor and they have a 13 year old son, Danial (sic), who is keen on cricket and archery. Professor Rostami-Hodjegan, has commissioned restoration work on the hall which should take 10 months. They currently live in Dore. Members of Management were recently treated to a conducted tour of the Hall and emerged highly impressed with the splendour of the interior as it is now.  One can only wonder how it will look when the family eventually move in.  We look forward to a warm relationship with a charming family.


The weather may have been disappointing but what about our sporting heroes – and heroine? Can you name them?     1 He captained England and played at Beauchief. 2 He played table tennis for the De La Salle Club and won a final at Wimbledon. 3 He comes from Coal Aston and is an English international and member of the European cup-winning side.  4 He went to Tapton, beat Matt Green and John Morrisroe at cross-country and is Lord of the Olympics. 5 She is an Olympic gold medallist and lives round the corner from Gerry Sandler.  (6 And a Sheffield side got promoted!)


Thursday  6 September

Keep Fit for Over Fifty-fives resumes 1.30 – 2.30 pm.


Wednesday September 12 at 8pm


The Band will be back joining a wide group of regular performers - when a marvellous evening's free entertainment is guaranteed, accompanied by a very warm welcome.


Monday 17 September 10 and 12am


A reminder that the club is open for coffee and scones on every third Monday of the month.  Numbers are increasing.  Come with a friend.


Wednesday 19 September


Informal, informative – fun!


Sunday 23rd September1.30pm


Free for members: £2.50 for non-members

Contact Los Green on 0114 2211743 or for info.


Saturday October 20th 8.15


We are delighted to welcome back Alex Hutton on Saturday 20 October for a concert with his brother and guests in memory of his father Graham.  Alex is a professional jazz pianist of international repute, who has always drawn enthusiastic audiences at Beauchief.  He is generously donating his fee to Club fundsAlex’s most recent CD, Legentis,  received a glowing review from John Fordham in the Guardian of 10 May 2012, from which I quote:..

‘British composer and pianist Alex Hutton is an inventive writer of cinematic, folksong-like melodies, and a piano improviser who likes to feel pop-song chords beneath him. He could easily just write through-composed songs, but he likes improvisers of character around him… His pealing-churchbells motif on the graceful ‘Clouds’ is typical of his talent for unexpected melodic interjections.  It's the kind of music that speaks to a wide listenership, whether its roots are appreciated or not’….  Tickets are limited so please order early.

Tickets £5 on the door or £4.50 advance. Available from Los or Linda Green on 0114 2211743


Saturday 24th November 830pm


Tickets £4 on the door or £3.50 advance.

Available from Los or Linda Green on 0114 2211743


Sunday 2 December





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