B   Behind Beauchief Hall, Beauchief Drive,

 Sheffield, S8 0BA.


                                              September 2015                       EditorTerry Green


Thursday night 30th July looked like being another pleasant evening of music up at the Club with Mick Bisiker, an old friend from the Midlands, visiting again, backed up by the Bungalow Band.

But midway through the proceedings a letter from the Club Chairman was read out concerning a member of the audience who had been coming up on Thursday nights for near enough the last forty years. The letter set out the outstanding and unbroken contribution to the Association made by Terry Green since the early seventies - his stint as Chairman; his running of the Golf Section (lost with the grounds in 1981 but re-established thirty years later with Terry playing the first shot on the new course); his unstinting work as Membership Secretary for thirty years along with publishing this Newsletter for the same period of time. In recognition of this unparalleled effort it was proposed by the Management Committee that Terry accept the nomination of Honorary President of the Association. This Terry duly and thankfully did, speaking briefly about how his De La Salle College days both as pupil, teacher and parent, then his involvement with the Club represented an unbroken line of continuity going back over many decades, one which his family would sustain

And so after letters and speeches it was ON WITH THE SHOW! which in essence is what the Club is all about!  .  M.G.

I was lost for words at the time and still am – apart from a very breathless Yes, thank you, to Peter and, to the writer of the aboveI feel very lucky to have been so honoured for something that has given me so much pleasure. I hope still to keep in touch with so many old friends through newsletters like this one. Ed.


I took over membership duties from Jim Finnigan (Sr) in 1988.  I was keen to do the job and I have enjoyed it.  Recently, however, I have leaned more and more heavily on Linda’s invaluable contribution,  until this year my hospitalisation and slow recovery have forced me to resign.  My thanks to you all for the years of communication and friendship.  It has been a privilege.

Your new Membership Secretary is Tom Wainwright, who has been associated with De La Salle since he became a pupil at the College in 1964.  As I did, Tom has volunteered for the post shortly after retiring from teaching.  I hope he will find it as enjoyable as I did


Over the last year or two Tom, along with his wife Vicky, Mark Turner and Mark Simmerson, has patiently served at the Bar on Friday nights as the attendances have dwindled. The Whist Drives have folded, and infirmity, age or death have reduced the Amen Corner. which had onceincluded Trevor Smith, Pat Huck, Peter Drake, Michael Walker and John Macadam, to a stubborn few.  Only  Ian Newsom, Gerry Sandler, Denis Staniforth, Ralph Nelson, and your editorremain, still pontificating, still getting nowhere, and drinking less and less.  And so, perhaps inevitably,  we note in Linda’s  recent updates the decision has been made not to open the Club on Friday evenings, and a tradition as old as the Club itself must come to an end- or change, at any rate..Would Monday night at the Club be as good?  It would be sad to go elsewhere every week.  

At one time the sporting sections – including the Ramblers! – undertook bar service on a chosen night every week.  I remember Wednesdays in particular because the Ramblers turned up to support their reps on the bar -  such as the warmly remembered Laurence Slatteryand others.  Archery, Bowls, Cricket, Football, Golf and the De La Salle Players have the numbers to take on six days of the week and to populate the bar with sporting colleagues enjoying a night out together..It’s not impossible, and it could be fun!


The Club's 'Second Wednesdays' continue to offer members lively entertainment provided by a good selection of volunteers and 'star' turns.  These monthly concerts are free of charge and full of fun - come and join the audience and find out for yourself.  In July we held our (almost) regular very popular French evening which included music and readings in both English and French and a well-received 'visit' to Paris with supporting songs, a piano solo and a reading.  On August 12, Paul Lally took charge in the absence of yours truly and milked the coincidence with the Glorious Twelfth by telling some corny hunting and shooting jokes as well as introducing the excellent solo entertainers and the marvellous Bungalow Band.  

We were delighted to have Brian and Clare Campbell joining us as the main act on September 9 and a Scottish Dance and folk theme predominated with Brian playing the accordion and Clare her violin as well as singing .  On October 14 we are pleased to have the return of the U3A A Cappella group with Stephanie Dixon.  On November 11 we are fortunate to have a return visit from the recently formed Sheffield group, the Cellarmen.  The December evening is not yet planned but a Christmas flavour could emerge. 

The list of volunteer performers is impressive and I thank them all for their generosity but we always welcome newcomers.  We are particularly short of male vocalists so please let me know if you would like to join us.  We would really appreciate your involvement.  Alan Haigh



Abbeydale Archers is celebrating 75 years as a target archery club this year, with each member receiving a specially commissioned pin badge designed by one of our members. We have enjoyed a very busy summer season at Beauchief, hosting an open Longbow tournament, where we welcomed nearly 40 archers from other clubs in the Yorkshire area. On this and on our annual Club championships and the Wicker Arrow event we have been blessed with good weather and our wonderful grounds - always commented on by visiting archers.

A number of our members have also staged 'have a go' sessions for interested visitors at the recent DSLA open day and the Bluebell Wood Heritage Day in Woolley Woods in May.  By the end of the season we will have delivered a record six beginners' courses to very enthusiastic groups of senior and junior would-be archers, made possible by the increased number of Level 1 coaches qualifying through Archery GB this year. As the light fades, we finish our season with the annual Field Shoot - 3D targets - including zombies!   

All survivors will continue to shoot regular Saturday and Sunday mornings or retreat indoors to Endcliffe TA barracks on a Wednesday evening.  Maria Mahon


Over the summer months, the Bowls section has had a trickle of new members and we are pleased that they have contributed well to the section with their friendship and playing.  We now have more than 40 members but still would like a lot more.  Bowlers are regularly at the green on Monday evenings (6.15pm onwards) and Tuesday and Thursday mornings (about 10.30am) but members can play any day, any time.  Guests are welcome (accompanied by a member) and they normally pay £3 a session but this is not applied on their first couple of 'taster' games.

The three internal competitions, men's and women's singles and doubles, are nearing completion for this year.  Results will appear on the Club's website.  We have an annual open competition in early September for all members.  We also play a range of friendly fixtures against other local Clubs which from this year include Ecclesfield.  We also play Hallam, Hathersage and Sheffield U3A.  We do not play in a league.  The section holds an annual Bowls holiday and this year 19 enjoyed a great week in Scarborough in mid-June.  Next year we will be returning to Scarborough again on June 16 and so far 21 members and friends have signed up. 

Why not join the section and come away with us?  You will be very welcome.  Alan Haigh


A field of archers is a fine sight. The scrabble of footballers fighting over a patch of land has a strange grace. A bowling green with inscrutable bowlers tracing the arc of their efforts across the crown is a lovely summer image and of course I’ll always have a soft spot for a short cut strip of twenty two yards marking the arena of batsman and bowler. But a golf course seems the most beautiful of all, bringing into play curves and hollows, rough, fairway and smooth green - and the course at Beauchief has never looked better. They say playing golf spoils a good walk, but when it’s this pretty even the worst golf of all can’t quite spoil it.

And believe me, most of the golf members have tried!

Numbers - very pleasingly - continue to grow, people drawn by the chance to play in beautiful surroundings at an extremely reasonable price. And what’s more, they keep adding their name to the Wall of Fame as winners of the Monthly medal. After Salvatore “The Bandit” Papa sent the handicap committee into numerous re-sitting sessions after two extraordinarily low scores, David Partridge then did much the same last time out.  In between whiles Peter Rollings etched his name on the scoreboard with a fine first win and I have a strong feeling that it won’t be long before Neal Bloor joins him, despite his endlessly modest protestations of beginner’s luck as he continually drove the final green.

Alongside the medals we held our first matchplay event - which we branded at the last minute the Wainwright Cup, with Tom and Sam leading two teams. Sam’s side won handsomely, thanks in no small part to the pinpoint brilliance of Matt Green - back in Sheffield for only a couple of weeks - and the stunning consistency of Vicky Bullen, one of a number of ladies who play regularly and play well.

Next up is The De La Salle Open and Mark Simmerson will be aiming to make it four wins out of four.  Who can stop him? Well, if not the other players then maybe the course (there are no “gimmes” on any hole) or just the fickle nature of golf itself. Or it could be you!

Get in touch if you’d like to join.  Los Green


These get under way again on the morning of Friday 18th Sept. We are beginning our 12th year painting in our studio (the BARN). We concentrate mainly on watercolour, the favourite of our tutor BILL KIRBY. We have eight budding artists at present and could certainly fit in few more so let us know if you’re interested.  Sean Crehan


This will be held on Sunday 29th November this year. It will be full of all our usual stalls – tombola, books, CD’s / DVD’s, fancy goods, cakes, jewellery and much, much more. Donations are a must to help this event run so if you have anything, either new or nearly new (definitely NO bric a brac, please) that can be sold on any of our stalls please leave it up at the club or contact Linda on: 0114 348 7565. Put the date and time (12noon – 2pm) in your diaries now.


Following the decoration of the clubhouse in the spring the House Committee conducted a review of pictures and photographs to be rehung on the walls. The original work by the Art Club features at the foot of the clubhouse with other more general material relating to Club history on the whole (including the sporting sections) distributed around the remaining wall spaces. (The ‘Amen Corner’s’ library has also been reinstated with due ceremony on the podium).

Some photographs and commemorative material connected with De La Salle College came to light during the review and it was decided that this could be hung at one end of the barn, creating a visual archive which could be added to should more material turn up. We are in possession of seventeen ‘whole school’ photographs ranging from 1925 – 1972, too many to display in total and some in need of repair – but a selection of five are currently up on the wall in the barn. History has a place in the future of the Association.  Martin Green


The over 40s,  or ‘nearly theres’, will be starting their season on the last Sunday in September at 11am.  The first game sees a reunion game featuring several players who have tried to play football over recent times for De La Salle.   In a previous game of this type 24 players produced an entertaining 5-4 result.  The over 40s will then start their season for real against differing standards of opponents. We are looking to add to the list of opponents this year, so if you know a team that fancy a Sunday morning game, give us a shout as long as they aren't too good.  Likewise,  if you fancy joining the band of merry men on a Sunday morning, let us know and we will welcome you with open arms (as we will be gasping for breath).  The age of players spreads from 20 to old (although the older guys put the younger ones to shame, don’t they, Les?)
Admission is free - entertainment is priceless!  Mark Turner



2015 was - by and large - a fairly typical season. Sides do well and get close to the title - but then tail off; sides do badly and skirt relegation - but then pull clear. But there were lots of positives. Kieran O' Sullivan led the Midweek side to promotion with some superb performances with bat and ball. Richard Bulmer set a new second team record with a towering 124 in a huge score. And the weather was a LOT better than last year.

On the rather sadder side Steve Dixon finally stood down as 2nd Team captain - after 13 years. We're asking the question whether anyone has ever captained a DLS cricket side for longer? We doubt it. Most people have more sense. But the key point to make is what a massively successful captain Steve has been. OK - he's had more relegations than any other captain, but also more promotions and he's led the team with integrity, intelligent and a fair dollop of inspiration. Already, a goodly number of players have declared him to be the best captain they've played under. There's no better testament than that. Fortunately for all, the team will be in the safe hands of John O' Sullivan, with Uncle Sam Wainwright continuing as Club Captain. This ties in with the most positive aspect of the Club – its ability to continue to draw in new quality players who are also - and very importantly - really good people. So, as DLSOBCC enters its sixty ninth year its founders should be looking down contentedly. Things are going well.  Sam Wainwright


Frank Edgeley

Frank was one of our oldest Old Boy members and one of our most loyal.  He first went to the College in 1933, three years after his brother Jack.  Like Jack he was a member of our association until his death.  Though like many of our members living far from Sheffield – in Tenterden, Kent – he renewed his membership every year, always with a friendly message.  His wife Pam writes:

‘Frank always looked forward to receiving the Newsletter and was full of admiration for everyone who gave their time to make the Club such a thriving organisation. My very best wishes to you all for the future.’  Thank you, Pam.

                              Jack Davies

Jack Davies was an active and well-liked member of De La Salle for many years and his death recently brought happy memories along with inevitable sadness to many of us at Beauchief.  On the bowling green and at social gatherings his gentlemanly presence and unfailing good humour enhanced many an occasion.  Fittingly his family and friends chose to meet atDe La Salle Beauchief after his funeral.  Many of his old Club friends were there to exchange sympathy and happy memories with his wife Doreen and sons John, Paul and Michael.  We welcomed too Doreen’s ceebrated brother, David Blunkett, with his faithful dog.

                 SPECIAL THANKS

A special Thank You to all who have helped to generate activity at the Club this year:
 to Sarah Wright for the wonderful Open Day when even the good weather turned up, and for the McMillan Coffee Morning on26 September;
to Alan Haigh for the Free and Easy nights;
to David Hague for his absorbing travel talks;
to Paul Lally for  his so friendly Quiz Nights:
to Sheelagh and Dorothy for the monthly coffee mornings;
to Linda and Laurence for the special guest evenings;
to Pat Roddis, Sheila Allen and Pam Balcomb, our active House Committee,for keeping things in order; 
to Martin Green for his help in collating this newsletter; and lots more;
to Linda Green for a thousand and one things but in particular her invaluable weekly updates;
to the Bar Staff,  particularly John Perrett for keeping Monday a Club Open night every week;
and finally to Peter Mason and the Management Committee

                       for keeping the show on the road.